33 Butterflies boutique opens in Kahala Mall

The Butterflies Effect

Lei Chic

You'd love to fly to New York and shop in those hip boutiques in Soho. If only you had $1,756 to spend on airfare. And hotel. And you'd probably need to eat something…

Here's a much more affordable option: drive to Kahala Mall and visit 33 Butterflies. This new, locally-owned boutique is inspired by New York's iconic shopping districts and urban street style.

Lei Chic
Miilla faux leather sheer draped vest with tank inset, $69.

Step inside and you'll feel like you're in an industrial loft in Chelsea or Tribeca. Note the concrete floors. The exposed brick wall. Artful layers of paint and wallpaper.

Then, start exploring. You'll find contemporary, multifunctional pieces with on-trend details. Think Miilla's pleated button up tunic tanks with detachable capes or Voom by Joy Han's vibrant silk dresses. There are also plenty of basics, from embellished tees to thin layering sweaters and soft, fluffy scarves. And don't miss organic, eco-friendly lines like Soul Flower and Amour Vert.

Lei Chic

Feel free to open the freestanding wardrobes to look at leather belts and bags, or peruse the distressed tables covered in bath products from Lollia, Tokyo Milk and Love+Toast. And if you need a break from shopping, there's a couch and coffee table with the latest fashion magazines.

Go ahead, make yourself at home.

Lei Chic
Treasures like these vintage-inspired magnifying glasses can be found throughout the store.

33 Butterflies is located in Kahala Mall. For more information, visit 33 Butterflies on Facebook. Website coming soon.