3 New Travel-Size Lanikai Bath and Body Products That Make Good Scents

These are perfect for staying fresh on your flights.


You know what they say: nose news is good news (we got that right, didn't we?). We couldn't agree more, especially since we’ve been getting in our fall traveling, which has left us smelling a bit less than rosy. We need a breath of fresh air.


Good thing we sniffed out a little Lanikai Bath and Body news that’s got a great scents of swell. The local beauty brand’s latest releases include some sweet travel-size products that have found their way into our carry-ons. Why? They’ve nailed on-the-go olfactory in a way we can’t resist.


1. Tropical Body Mists

Take the refreshing body mists, which come in handy 2-ounce bottles, perfect for perking you up post-flying. Our tip? Take a quick detour to the restroom en route to baggage claim to give your skin a spritz of TLC. Refreshing and energizing, and packed with vitamin C and aloe vera, these all-natural, paraben-free sprays come in a slew of luscious tropical scents: plumeria, orchid-vanilla and Tahitian gardenia to name a few, plus guava and mango-coconut on the horizon.

$5.50, click here.


2. Organic Body Butters

Also a smooth move in the smell department? Wee, 2-ounce tins of body butter, ideally sized for combating in-flight dryness, and which just happen to be our favorite way to moisturize. The sophisticated older sis to lotion, the thick, rich concoctions are decadently creamy thanks to an organic mixture of shea butter, cacao butter, kukui oil, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and vitamin E. And, the scents—oh, the scents. They range from classic bath time favorites (lavender, Kamuela rose, plumeria) to more punchy, exotic offerings that we can’t wait to lather up with: pomegranate, green tea, sandalwood, pineapple-liliko‘i and more.

$8.50, click here.


3. Natural Deodorants

And don't forget the essentials. Nothing says scentsory overload like a plane packed with shoulder-to-shoulder humans for hours at a time. The last piece of baggage you want to declare? B.O. Be kind and wear deodorant, an anxiety-free endeavor if you go natural with Lanikai’s brand new, locally made salves. After getting inquiries for all-natural deodorant for years, the team finally formulated a safe, paraben- and chemical-free option without the usual aluminum, a standard deodorant ingredient that’s got some shady rumors attached to it. Plus, the vegan mixture of arrowroot, beeswax, essential oils and more gives your skin some breathing room. These little pots come in the handy 1- and 2-ounce sizes with easy peasy applicators, in lavender-sage, Island sandalwood, green tea, Island rain and unscented. In other words, they smell worlds sweeter than going bare. Your seatmates will thank you.

$5.50–$10.50, click here.


Now: May the scentsational traveling begin!