3 Last-Minute Halloween Looks

These awesome and quick costumes are a procrastinator's dream.

What? Halloween is today?! What witchcraft is this? 

No hocus pocus; time just made like a broom and flew. Meanwhile, you're stuck having to figure out what you're going to be this year—and sorry to bust your bubble, but that DIY Elsa costume you were going to make is probably not an option at this point.

No need to take fright: Here are a couple of throw-together costumes using the magic of makeup that are scary cute and go to show you don't need oodles of time and money to have a bootiful Halloween. 


An Egyptian Maiden

Apply: Adhere gold glitter (we tried MAC Glitter in Antique Gold, but look in your local drugstore's Halloween section) to your lids using fake eyelash glue or a tinted foundation (we used LUSH Charisma Skin Tint). Heavy liner is key, so opt for the blackest black liquid liner and wing it out to your hairline. Go over your eyebrows as well, winging them to match. Finally, an ankh in liquid liner will make your look pop.

Wear: Your old college toga party costume, aka an artfully draped sheet. Some gold braid from the craft store will make for a nice belt and headband.

A final touch:Got a plush snake? Now's the time to bust it out.



Apply: Bright yellow face paint all over (we used MAC Paintstick in Primary Yellow, but drugstore Halloween face paint will work, too) or, if you're really in a pinch, around your eyes and cheeks—people will get the idea. With some high-pigmented red (try MAC Acrylic Paint in Basic Red), pop on your signature cheeks.

Wear: All yellow (duh) is a must, and with some wire and yellow felt you can scrape up a lightning bolt tail in no time. 

A final touch: Master the "piii-KA-choooo" scream. It's totally key. 


A Patchwork Doll

Apply: Your everyday black eyeliner will work for this one. Draw stitch marks down the middle of your forehead, nose and chin, and horizontally from your mouth to your cheeks. Exaggerated lash lines under the eyes and rosy, round cheeks (dark lipstick or your face paint) finish it off. 

Wear: Your cutest, flounciest dress, preferably with ruffles. Throw an apron over it, and try to stick with patterns like gingham or checks. 

A final touch: We love the idea of a cute red wig, sailor hat or exaggerated, large bow to top it all off.