3 Ecofriendly Picks to Celebrate Earth Day 2015

These local companies make for some great sustainable shopping.



Caller: Officer, we’d like to report a crime against nature. Earth Day is tomorrow and we don’t have a clue how to shop for it. We’re already stocking up on chic, reusable shopping bags (how cute is this?) in preparation for the plastic bag ban in July, but it’s only natural to stuff ’em with something equally sustainable. Isn’t there somewhere on God’s green earth we can turn to?


Officer: OK, calm down, and take a gander at these three brands that will give you a totally natural high. Stack your style with some environmentally friendly accessories, or lather with some back-to-nature body products. Not only will these sweet smells and styles make fellow fashionistas green with envy, they’re also locally owned and made. Pretty down to earth, right? In fact, you’ll love them so much you’ll want to give them a big hug—er, if you can let go of that tree, that is.


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If you still haven’t grabbed a reusable tote to replace  plastic bags, now is your chance. Ecolicious will give a portion of proceeds from sales of its tote bags to Sustainable Coastlines Hawai‘i, an organization dedicated to caring for and managing the cleanup and conservation of Hawai‘i’s precious beaches and streams. Choose from 23 different designs, from a cheery aloha sketch to graceful waves to vibrant tropical florals. And, in honor of Earth Day, get 25 percent off all tote bags through Saturday. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

$16.50–$36, ecolicioushawaii.com


Morgan Lane Tanner

You wish you could take the waves and sunset with you wherever you go, but that can get, er, messy. Unless you’re sporting some jewelry from Lane Tanner Designs, where designer Morgan Lane-Tanner makes beautiful baubles from scenic photos. Now, Lane-Tanner’s taking her ode to the ‘āina to the next level by replacing all the resins in her jewelry pieces with an ecofriendly, bio-derived resin that has a significantly smaller carbon footprint. The bonus for you? They’re stronger and have better UV protection, which means those gorgeous images last longer.

$35–$160, lanetannerjewelry.com


Hawaiian Bath and Body Works

We’re already head-over-heels for the luscious tropical fruit and flower scents in Hawaiian Bath and Body Works (not to mention the adorable workshop in the old Waialua Sugar Mill). Pair those sweet scents with sweet intentions, and we are really swooning. The company has teamed up with Clean the World, an organization that recycles thousands of used hotel amenities that would otherwise go to waste, and distributes the cleaning supplies to communities in need all over the world. Proceeds from specially marked Hawaiian Bath and Body soaps will go to support the organization and help stop the spread of diseases in children without the proper hygiene tools.

$6.25, hawaiianbathandbody.com