2-Dollar Indulgence: New Mini Uncle’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Sandwiches

Pick from a dozen flavors in this fun-size version of one of our favorite treats.


A selection of Uncle's Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Photo: Christi Young


2021 update: The sandwiches now come prepackaged in sets of three, not individually.


Late afternoon. You’re craving something sweet, but nothing so rich you’ll need to crawl under your desk for a nap or have to open that top button of your pants.


Today, the HONOLULU team fed our frozen-treat craving with Uncle’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Sandwiches’ new mini versions. We’ve loved the locally made sweet from its beginning at the Hale‘iwa Farmers Market, even naming it a Best of Honolulu winner in 2016. The regular 6-ounce ice cream sandwich can be a bit daunting to dig into by yourself. The new 2-ounce mini, which fits in the palm of your hand, delivers just a few bites of creamy goodness.


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Hand holding mini ice cream sandwich.

Photo: Katie Kenny



There are a few things you should know. They are only available at Whole Foods Market on Queen Street near the bakery section in the same frozen cases that hold individual pieces of mochi ice cream and frozen macarons. The sandwiches come in prepackaged groups of three, but the plastic wrap is not insulated, so bring a cooler for transport. There are more flavors available in the minis than the original-size sandwiches. Today, we selected from matcha, spiced pumpkin, mud pie, double dark chocolate, honey lavender, cookies and cream, Chai of the Tiger, banana-flavored Funky Monkey, liliko‘i, bourbon pecan, strawberry and coffee. All deliver the rich, creamy goodness sandwiched between two soft cookies we expect from Uncle’s. And at $6 for three, it’s worth it.



Six Uncle's mini ice cream sandwiches in a container

Left to right: liliko‘i, honey lavender, bourbon pecan, spiced pumpkin, mud pie and strawberry. Photo: Christi Young


$2. Only available at Whole Foods Market Queen, 388 Kamake‘e, Suite 100, unclesicecream.com