11 Super Stylish Staff Picks from the HONOLULU Fashion Week Marketplace

Good news: Even if you missed HONOLULU Fashion Week, you can still score most of these items. Check out each designer’s website for more info.

We’re not going to lie, we found time to sneak away from our HONOLULU Fashion Week duties to shop in the Marketplace. Some of us found unique Christmas gifts, a few luckier ones snagged limited-edition items, and a couple staff members really showed their love and invested in multiple picks. Here’s the proof. 


1. Bradley & Lily Greeting Cards

Bradley & Lily Greeting Cards
Photos: David Croxford

“Bradley & Lily’s unique, colorful, Island-inspired greeting cards are perfect to send to family and friends on the Mainland.”—Christy Davis, marketing director, HONOLULU Magazine. 



Manaola Clutch2. Manaola Clutch

“I fell in love with Manaola’s gold-and-black tribal show, so when I saw this clutch available at the marketplace, I had to have it!”—Erica Kunihisa, associate art director, HONOLULU Magazine.



3. Tidepool Love Coral Reef Ring

“I like how this coral reef ring from Tidepool Love is bold, yet delicate at the same time.”—Erica Kunihisa, associate art director, HONOLULU Magazine.



4. Kini Zamora Sunglasses

Kini Zamora sunglasses

“I admit; I couldn’t resist trying on all the fun sunglasses at Kini Zamora’s booth. I’ve been looking for some chic shades and these were perfect. And only $10!”—Kelsey Ige, art director, HONOLULU Magazine



5. Pure Joy Hawai‘i Octopus Necklace

Pure Joy Hawaii necklace

“I love sea creatures, so I squealed when I saw this adorable, tiny, delicate li’l octopus from Pure Joy Hawai‘i.”—Katrina Valcourt, associate editor, HONOLULU Magazine.



6. HVN Apparel T-Shirt

HVN T-shirt

“It’s hard to pick a favorite, since I bought a few classic, chic jewelry pieces and both bottle openers from Andrew Mau. My unexpected find turned out to be a super-soft gray T-shirt that’s a mix of hemp and cotton with a wave-y faux pocket from HVN Apparel.”—Robbie Dingeman, editor in chief, HONOLULU Magazine.



7. MYTE Shaka Pins

Shaka pin

“MYTE’s new shaka pins are a fun way to wear your aloha on your sleeve.”—Brie Thalmann, managing fashion editor, HONOLULU Magazine.



8. Jana Lam Pareo

Jana Lam scarf

“I had my eye on Jana Lam’s new banana-leaf print pareos and limited-edition leather totes. But my purse-snatching co-workers made my decision easy!”—Stacey Makiya, senior fashion editor, HONOLULU Magazine.



9. ‘Iolani Sportswear Dress

Iolani sportswear dress

“I’m a big fan of anything in black, as well as anything super comfortable, so this dress from ‘Iolani Sportswear was love at first sight.”—Diane Lee, digital media manager, HONOLULU Magazine. 



10. Mau-House Bottle Openers

Bottle openers

“Of all the (many, many) things I bought at the Marketplace, my two favorites by far are the shaka and opihi shell bottle openers from MAU-HOUSE. These are pieces of art, made of sturdy, solid metal and crafted masterfully; add in their functionality as bottle openers, and you’ve got pure perfection.”—Marisa Heung, special projects editor, HONOLULU Magazine.



11. Ecolicious T-Shirt

Ecolocious shirt

“Ecolicious’ comfy tees are bright and colorful. And, while the one I bought portrays a sunny, ocean scene, it’s way more stylish than the average beach T-shirt.”—Jennifer Dalgamouni, senior editor, HONOLULU Family Magazine. 



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