100 Days of Nature Prints from So Pupuka

This project is totally inspiring us.


Time—where does it go? As busy as we are, we’re always daydreaming about having a little extra. I mean, imagine all the exciting things we could do with just 100 days! The possibilities are endless: Watch every episode of X Files. Finally learn to make macarons. Actually clean the house instead of just pushing it all under the bed.


OK, we may be aiming a little low. ‘Ihilani Birano of local design brand So Pupuka, however, took a loftier route, with a 100 Days Project, an internet-born challenge to create something every day for 100 days, and then share those creations on social media with a unique hashtag. It was just the push she needed to give her creative juices the freedom to flow, without fretting over each piece being perfect. And we are loving the result.


We’re rounding in at about Day 50, and Birano is still going strong with her project, A 100 Days of Nature Prints. Her collection of colorful patterns range from the heavily stylized, with amalgams of folicking curlicues, chunky lines or undulated shapes evoking the feeling of waves and scales and such, to more straightforward images of leaves or flowers. Under her artistic touch, everyday tropical textures and shapes take on an even brighter, playful persona, such as in our favorites, a lemon-lime-colored palm leaves piece, a birds-eye-view print of a rainbow-shaded lo‘i and, one of her latest, a repeating pattern of calming lavender-and-seafoam-green whale tails.


After inquiries began pouring in, Birano started throwing her masterpieces up on Society6, where you can purchase a nature pattern for yourself, in the form of anything from a wall print or tapestry to a tote bag or throw pillow. (Psst: We’re eyeing a case for our iPhone 7 in that sweet, minimal crescent root design, or a handy little zippered pouch if Birano’s Kalo Leaf selection.) More are always being added, and stay tuned to Birano Instagram for the latest prints and news, like options to buy fabric with her prints on Spoonflower.


Time is definitely on our side with this one.


$12–$80, society6.com. Visit sopupuka.com for information on the So Pupuka and the 100 Days of Nature Prints project.