10 Last-Minute, Hawai‘i-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for Procrastinators

Forget about dressing as Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton this year. We’ve got plenty of inspiration for great costumes in our own backyard—and we’re not talking hula girls or demigods.

The Shaka That Never Ends

We all cringe when the end of the KHON2 newscast lingers on unsuspecting folks who immediately smiled and threw a shaka, but were then told to keep going, and keeeeep going, and just keeeeeeeeeeeep smiling and shaka-ing for what feels like an eternity. (808 Viral captured it perfectly in its shaka breakdown video.) Guaranteed to make your friends laugh (and your jaw hurt), this costume is a simple cardboard box you wear over your head (for the TV) with the KHON2 logo on the bottom of the “screen.” Just make sure your wrist never stops turning.


TheCAB Tūtū

Here’s a fun one—put on a mu‘umu‘u, gray wig, flowers and granny accessories, like reading glasses or a sun hat, and do your best Frank De Lima impression. The more tūtū the better (especially if you need to take a cab home). Be sure to interject with the jingle if you overhear anyone asking what the number is for a taxi. Here’s a video for reference.


The Waikīkī Aquarium

The Pokémon Go fad may have passed as quickly as it sprang up, but who can forget when dozens of people gathered outside the aquarium every night to catch some rare Pokémon? Stick some toy fish on your body, fashion a headband that says “The Waikīkī Aquarium,” grab some friends who plan to dress as Pikachu or Jigglypuff and you’re all set. Just be prepared to get chased by any remaining avid fans of the game.


Sign Wavers

For a more positive spin on politics, get a T-shirt of your favorite local politician and yard sign and walk around smiling and waving at everyone. You’ll do double duty—dressing up and advocating for something you believe in. Score!


Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle

They’re kinda cute, kinda scary, and definitely a pest in Hawai‘i. But how great would it be if your partner dressed up as one of those lantern-looking traps and chased you around all night?


Billy Kenoi


Local politics can be just as wacko as the national scandals. Take Big Island mayor Billy Kenoi, who got himself into some pretty hot water after using his county purchasing card at Club Evergreen. If any of your friends are going as, um, hostesses, just follow them around with a giant pCard and alcohol (but, remember, it’s illegal to have open containers in public—we suggest fake ones).


Hawai‘i Five-0 Characters

Everyone has a favorite, from Kamekona to Kono. It’s all about the squad with this one. Don’t forget sunglasses, police badges and any other identifiers for your character. Use plenty of “aloha”s and “mahalo”s. Even better if you have the theme song ready on your phone at all times.



Make sure you start and stop a lot. Block everyone’s view as you walk around and make them take detours while you tie your shoes or fix your outfit. But you probably shouldn’t go to Waikīkī or Downtown—or anywhere past Middle Street.


The Pig & The Lady

Pig and the Lady

Couple costume alert! You voted it Best O‘ahu Restaurant (and many other awards) at this year’s Hale ‘Ainas—pay homage by dressing up as, literally, a pig and a lady. Cute, right? And if you happen to have a baby (real or toy), dress it up as Piggy Smalls.


Mango Tree

Peak mango season may have passed, but if you have any fruit left, carry around some branches and hand out mangoes to your friends. Bonus: Play “Drop Baby Drop” by The Mana‘o Company.


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