$1.2M Aikahi Home for Sale in Kailua

About halfway around the well-manicured lawns of Aikahi Loop (the road that circles this quiet Kailua neighborhood), your eye will be caught by a very, umm, exotic mailbox. Bright turquoise, it seems to depict an anthropomorphized flamingo, with a taste for martinis garnished with olives. Right next to it, a “for sale” sign. Not the most auspicious welcome to an open house, but, luckily, not a harbinger of tacky tropical décor to come.

Within its walls, the four-bedroom, two-bathroom, one-story home maintains an Island theme in an understated way: a flagstone patio, an etched glass front door, blue hues and the occasional seashell-shaped drawer pull. The small pool has been landscaped to mimic a waterfall, and the sound of tumbling water can be heard from within the house.

In fact, throughout the nearly 2,000-square-foot home (lanai included), there’s a sense that one is never truly inside or outside. Large sliding glass doors provide backyard access to the combined living-dining area, the master bedroom and a second bedroom, and a half-dozen ceiling fans pull tropical air—humid and fragrant—into the space of the home.

Other features include an outdoor shower, air-conditioning units in all four bedrooms, and tall privacy landscaping along the property limits, giving the yard a lush, enclosed feel. There’s not much grass in the backyard because of the expansive lanai the current owners built after enclosing the old lanai for additional living space. Other renovations made in the last ten years include the addition of two bedrooms, a more spacious foyer, and an updated master suite.

The new owners of this property will also inherit a tradition of love for the 1965 home. When the original owner finally sold in 2007, she required prospective buyers to write letters explaining why they wanted to live there. According to realtor Terese Hiram, when the original owner returned to see the work that had been done on the home, she was moved to tears.

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Money Talk: $1.2 million fee simple
MLS: 201336187
Square Footage: 1,652 square feet living, 288 square feet lanai