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Lane Tanner Designs' bone-inspired paper earrings

Pad to the Bone


Lane Tanner Designs

There are SO many things you could make out of paper. Cranes. Planes. Automobiles.

Bones and shells, on the other hand? Now, that's just crazy.

Which probably explains why we're raving mad over Morgan Lane-Tanner's new dangling paper earrings. These fresh, eye-catching designs represent the Honolulu designer's unique take on the season's hottest bone and shell jewelry trends (we'd expect nothing less from this paper trail blazer).

Pop over to Lane Tanner Designs' Etsy shop and you'll find elegant, textured rolls of decorative paper hanging from gold-plated hammered rounds or silver-plated chains. Choose from soft funnels or striking, 3.5-inch spikes in ballet pink, baby blue and apple green hues that somehow exude an unexpected edgy-slash-girly-slash-totally-eco-friendly vibe. Each pair is feather light and, thanks to a water-resistant varnish, can be worn out in the rain or humidity without warping.

Consider this paper pushing at its finest.

$28-$30 each, available online in Lane Tanner Designs' Etsy shop. For more information, visit LaneTannerDesigns.com. Photos: Morgan Lane-Tanner.

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