Swap 'Till You Drop


Lei ChicYou’ve always been the social coordinator among your friends. Whenever birthdays, bachelorette parties, or, heck, Friday nights roll around you’re the one planning the fête.

So, it was only natural that when your friends wanted to have a clothing swap they looked to you to organize it. But digging through bags of your friend’s old clothes and sorting everything by size and style has you totally clothes minded to the idea.

Besides, heaps of clothes on your living room floor and a dozen fashion-crazed friends ravaging through them sounds more like a black eye affair than the sophisticated soirees you’re known for throwing. This is where you draw the party line.

Thankfully, Switch and Ditch Hawaii has you covered. After four years of throwing switch-and-ditch parties for friends, business partners Jenny Mesa and Leah Distad decided to start offering their services to other gals wanting to host clothing swaps without the dirty work.

Just provide the space and the guest list; they’ll iron out the rest of the wrinkles. From sending out invites to bringing the pupu, these gals are a one-stop-clothing-swap. They’ll bring racks and hangers for all the clothes, and will even provide tents for dressing rooms if you go for an outdoor event. Best of all, their houses serve as the clothing drop-off spot, so you won’t have to deal with bags of clothes sitting around your place for weeks leading up to the event.


Making your party a switch hit while you protect your home base.

Book a Switch and Ditch Hawaii clothing swap by emailing Jenny Mesa at Jenny@switchnditchhawaii.com or Leah Distad at leah@switchnditchhawaii.com. Allow three to four weeks for them to plan the switch and ditch.


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