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Between cool boutiques suddenly closing, and others popping up to replace them, navigating the shopping scene can feel like making your way through a new shipment at Nordstrom Rack – lots of great stuff, but lots of time to search for it too.

And trying to hit all the best shops in one weekend can require as much planning as a vacation.

A better idea? Call Jennifer Kem, who just launched a new private shopping concierge business, Fabulocity.

The former owner of the now-closed J.Boudoir boutique at Ward Warehouse, Kem built a reputation for giving her customers great wardrobe and image styling advice – starting with the right lingerie, of course. Since her boutique closed, she continued offering her wardrobe and image consulting services to private clients – and now she’s expanding to help women summit the best shopping spots all over the island.

Book a day with Fabulocity and Kem will line up a custom itinerary of shopping destinations for you, culled from her list of favorites and secret spots. She’ll accompany you (in a chauffered car, if you like) and call ahead to have boutique owners pull items you might like in your sizes. And once you’ve bagged your finds, she can recommend expert tailors to make sure that hard-won pair of Hudson jeans fit you like they’re supposed to.

Email for more info on Fabulocity personal shopping concierge:

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