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Crack The Code



You’ve found the perfect clutch for your sister’s Christmas gift at a chic web boutique. But even with the today-only Cyber Monday discount, the shipping costs nearly as much as the bag itself. How do you justify pressing the “confirm order” button?

Will mainland stores ever realize Hawaii’s not a different country already?

And then there’s that empty field at the bottom of the screen—the one that reads “enter promotional discount code here (if applicable).”

If only you had a code—then you could pretend you actually did get the mainland-only free shipping offer, or at least score some free extras to make up for the extra cost.

Now you’ve found that friend—or 1.5 million visitor-friends, rather—at the discount code storehouse RetailMeNot.com. With more than 45,000 codes entered by people just like you, and links to coupons for popular stores like J. Crew and Victoria’s Secret, it’s hard to resist taking a few seconds to search for your store. Once you press the “Get Coupons” button, voila! Up pop all the available coupons for your store, complete with user comments and success rates.

Next time you buy online, finish your checkout by entering the code that has the highest rating or offers the best deal, and with any luck you’ll get 20 percent off your order, free shipping, a gift, or a range of offers previously kept secret.

And next time you get a discount code, return the favor by entering it on RetailMeNot. It’s not cheating—promise—and your new friends will thank you.

Online at www.retailmenot.com

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