Cool and the Gang

Published: 1988. Left, right, left. In walk the popular girls (you’re in front, duh!): sky-high bangs (love the hairspray), Gotcha Pro tees with sleeves rolled up (showoffs), new JimmyZ velcro shorts (score!). The vision of high school cool. Sigh.

Today you can still be in, just by wearing classic designs that fit you, not the era. Start by joining the ranks of Social Propaganda, a Hilo design collective founded by four friends – one is Hawaii native and well-known model Leilani Bishop --  who aim to spread cool throughout remote islands and sprawling continents alike. They’ve begun by emboldening the timeless tee with modern-retro art that has an original edge.

www.leichic.comAmong their distinct uniforms for men and women are two elephants with trunks joined in love, a butterfly-laden interpretation of chaos theory, and a comfy sofa in the woods. If a design screams your name, grab it, because once a design is sold out it’s history.

That’s one way SP stays current, in addition to enlisting outside designers’ visions to sell at their online store. And if you think you’ve got the next hot design, send it in and they’ll decide if you’re still leader of the pack.

In the meantime, don your new tee and march in style.

Sleeves firmly rolled down, of course.

Available online at



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