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Pineapple Palaka’s New, Local-Stylish Ties for the Local, Stylish Guy

Pineapple Palaka's rolling out new silk numbers for the new Nordstrom.



You know how boys are: They love a good fight. And, right now, something’s got our guy in a chokehold.


This time, we don’t mind. Probably because what he’s neck-and-neck with are these sweet, new Pineapple Palaka ties, and we are loving the kick they’re adding to his style. The one-and-a-half-years-old brand just punched out another collection of sleek, understated neckties exclusive to the new Nordstrom space, and it’s got all the modern appeal that made last year’s collection a champ among local kāne.


Tiny leaping dolphins, ti leaves and, of course, classic, plaidlike palakaprints—designs from previous PP ties—pepper these new creations, which the team tweaked into a hip, sleek selection that perfectly fits the Nordstrom demographic. Joining the fray is a much slimmer, ultra-contemporary cut; the brand’s first-ever self-tie bow tie; a mixed-up color story composed of strong navies, powder blues and even a whimsical magenta; and a luxe textile upgrade from polyester to silk.



Pineapple Palaka partners Jonathan Fong and Rick Abelmann are all about local style. They tap into their creative juices by drawing inspiration from surf seshes, use local artists with a penchant for Island culture and nature, and, for the Nordstrom collection, make sure to tell a uniquely Hawai‘i story with each of their pieces, which are all hand-drawn, custom woven and made using unique, specially crafted molds. Guys picking up a dolphin tie, for example, will learn a little something about the Hawaiian word for dolphin (nai‘a), the dolphin’s place in Hawaiian waters (the most common are the spinner, spotted, bottlenose and rough-toothed varieties) and its legacy in Hawaiian culture (it is believed
that the dolphin spirit possesses “unconditional love”).  


We call that a total K.O.


Starting at $50. The ‘Ewa Wing Nordstrom will open on March 11 at 9:30 a.m. Arrive early! The store is hosting a beauty bash and morning party outside, starting at 8 a.m. Experts will be on hand to give complimentary makeup lessons and consultations and the first 1,000 attendees will receive an exclusive, reusable beauty tote bag. Visit pineapplepalaka.com for more information on the brand.


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