Golden Girl


Lei Chic King Midas almost got it right. Rumpelstiltskin put a whole new spin on things. And Rapunzel had no problem letting down her hair. You'd love to give everything in your closet the golden touch, just without the starvation, taking someone else's child or getting trapped in a tower.

Don't despair. Kaimuki mom Kelley Martin has the perfect ending for you - Dax & Zan Jewelry. Martin makes impressions of leaves and collects shells from the beach, then adds a luxe touch with gold and silver leaf.

We luster for her leaf necklaces and earrings accented with delicate coral and pearls, shell earrings edged in gold, beach glass set in resin and flapper-inspired chandelier earrings.

Lei Chic Earrings cost about $25 while necklaces start at $28. So you can afford to give unto others while you give unto yourself.

Now that's a golden rule.

Dax & Zan Jewelry is available at Drift Boutique at 3434 Waialae Ave., and Art and Flea this Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m. at Fresh Cafe on 831 Queen St. Check her Facebook page for sneak peeks of her newest creations.

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