Pushing the Bone-daries


Lei ChicEvery once in a while you eat peanut butter out of the jar.

You snuck into the front row at the last Usher concert and danced until security chased you out.

And once, just once, you discovered the boutique forgot to charge for your Robindira Unsworth ring; and you DIDN’T return it.

Make no bones about it. You like to live on the edge.

Which is why you’ll rock Bones and Feathers jewelry line. The  intriguing, cool and pretty but, even the founders admit, slightly creepy, pieces all are made from castings of actual bones.

Kauai native Cole Morrall began by making real flower headbands for nightlife in her current home of LA. But soon the Mid-Pacific Institute graduate branched off from her homage to the haku when she and her business partner noticed there was beauty in a bone fragment.

For their first full collection this spring, Morrall and partner Nat Mauro used vertebrae of a snake and fox to create their stacked necklaces and bracelets. All are cast in brass culled from recycled bullets, and strung together with 24-karat gold thread. Some pieces, like the S Necklace, are edgy but surprisingly easy to wear with castings resembling irregular and industrial-looking beads. Others, like the bracelet cast from one of Morrall’s father’s teeth, may not be for everyone.

Bones and Feathers Collective also designs aboriginal-inspired fringed wristlets and bags.

So that if you ever want to reveal those skeletons in the closet, you’ll have the right accessories.

In Hawaii, Bones & Feathers Collective is exclusively at Owens & Co. at  1152 Nuuanu Ave. You can also request jewelry through the website.

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