Friday, April 6, 2012

Town Jewels

Host: Welcome to The Newly-Thread Game! They're cool, cute and ready for you to take them out tonight. So let's meet your jewelry lines!

Lei ChicGirl: My mother always tells me to look for flaws. So Jewelry #1, what is your one weakness?

Jewelry #1: People say I'm wound up pretty tight. Local designer Virginia Paresa spends hours wrapping colored embroidery thread around a corded base. I've also got a tendency to embellish - with bright beads and metal fragments. But I'll bend over backward for you. You'll have me wrapped around your wrist in no time.

Lei ChicGirl: Jewelry #2, I'm tired of long frocks on the beach. What would we do on a date?

Jewelry #2: I'm loaded with international currency, so we would be jet-setting. Julia Chu, owner of La Muse boutique, creates her earrings out of pennies, British pounds and yen, then adds Swarovski crystals and delicate silver chains. With me, you'd always look like a woman of the world. We would hang so well together.

Lei ChicGirl: That sounds like a fun twine. Jewelry #3, I love making a statement. How would you stand out in a crowd?

Jewelry #3: I'm definitely bold with true international flair. I hail from Argentina, where designer Maria Forteza uses traditional aguayo, or colorful woven fabric, and encases each piece in resin to create flat, circular baubles. The result is striking, fun and my true colors always shine through.

Lei Chic Girl: Oh good, so you won't string me along. I've got a competitive side so Jewelry #4, who would win in a fight?

Jewelry #4: Probably me. L.A.-based designer Sean Madrid uses rock-like material called "blue lava," mixed with metals like brass, copper and gunmetal. So I can be a little rough around the edges and I'm not afraid to get dirty. Don't get the wrong impression. I may be sharp, but I'm accented with vintage Swarovski crystals and dichroic glass, so I've also got a reflective side.

Host: Well it's clear they all adorn you. So which line is it going to be?

Girl: They sound so charming, I'm racking my chain! Can I take them all home?

Host: Sure! When it comes to looking fabulous, we like to thread the love.

Jewelry #1: Virginia Paresa, available at Barrio Vintage, 1160 Nuuanu Ave.
Jewelry #2: YE$ by La Muse, available at La Muse, 1156 Nuuanu Ave.
Jewelry #3: Maria Forteza, available at Florencia Arias, 1161 Nuuanu Ave.
Jewelry #4: 3bleeps, available at Barrio Vintage, 1160 Nuuanu Ave.

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