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Lei Chic Things you need when you're in a clutch:

1. A friend's emergency call when your blind date goes horribly wrong. "So where do you live? With your parole officer? Hold on, I think my mom's calling."
2. Quarters for street parking.
3. Auto-save - just before your screen goes black.

Then there are times when you just need a clutch; because hey, a great bag can save an outfit.

That's when you turn to Reise Kochi. This Honolulu Community College graduate developed a passion for bags after discovering an old satchel carved, stained and braided by his grandfather. He's been purse-uing the craft ever since.

First up, the "Pit," an oversized envelope clutch designed to fit snugly under your, well, you know. The sturdy leather has a burnt sienna hue, accented with brass rivets and leather whipstitching. Kochi says he drew inspiration from flat, origami-style bags and, believe it or not, Hanafuda (the curved, layered panels mimic the hills of a Japanese playing card).

Lei ChicNeed more backup? Meet "BlackAsh" and "Mistake Sandy," smaller and rounder in shape, covered in deer hide with hand-braided black border stitching. Open the turnlock to uncover their secret weapon - real fur. "Mistake Sandy" has a patch of multicolored pig hide on its inner pocket, while "BlackAsh" is fully lined with deep chocolate cow hide.

Reise dyes all the leather himself, then hand-stitches each piece.

Just call him a lifesaver.

Because when your style is in tote-ally bad shape, he's got your back (pack).

Reise Kochi clutches, "Pit" $248, "BlackAsh" $258, "Mistake Sandy" $228, Collins and 8th, 560 Pensacola St. Suites 4 and 5, (808) 593-9696. Mention Lei Chic to receive 10 percent off any Reise Kochi clutch.

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