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Timothy Cottrell
Dr. Timothy Cottrell
Head of School

As one of Hawaii’s highly respected independent schools, ‘Iolani recognizes that its continuous pursuit of educational excellence calls for innovative approaches for students to develop and grow. Their journeys are complemented and supported by exciting and invigorating learning environments and outstanding and caring educators. This means having thoughtfully designed places where feet find the ground, hands touch books and technology, minds engage in critical thought, and hearts are opened to the world around them.


“We strive to help students reach their potential by offering an education for a lifetime. Our learning environments invite all to participate in academic, spiritual, social, aesthetic and physical pursuits to make our community better by making a real difference,” says Dr. Timothy Cottrell, Head of School.


A new K-1 Community, guided by the ideas of kindergarten and first grade teachers, honors the importance of play in the critical early years of childhood development. A natural playground is nestled in the center of 10 expansive classrooms featuring makerspaces (a full kitchen for hands-on cooking, science experiments and art lessons), group pavilions, and many flexible gathering areas. Indoor and outdoor learning spaces blend together, like the reading tree loft to entice first graders to snuggle up with
a book.


Iolani School


In the 2020-21 school year, the Lower School’s next phase will be unveiled. A two-building complex will house K-6 science and fabrication labs and dance and music studios, where students can explore their passions and develop
their interests.


The Sullivan Center for Innovation and Leadership inspires students to find creative solutions for real world issues. Students in grades 7-12 bring their own curiosity, imagination and hard work to take advantage of the center’s diverse tools—from robotics, 3D printers and video, film and anime software to (yes!) an outstanding library of books. Student projects under the tutelage of leading community experts aspire to make lasting impacts. Research includes the effect of zinc on adolescent sleep, plastic contents in albatross as an indicator of marine pollution, antibiotic-resistant staph in public beach showers, and the effect of genes and strength to prevent ACL injury.


“We envision changing landscapes for our students to learn and are committed to leading-edge facilities where they can self-direct as well as be challenged by teachers and peers for their learning,” says Dr. Cottrell of the co-ed K-12 school’s innovative vision.


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Iolani School