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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Les Miserables at DHT

Les Miserables, presented by Diamond Head Theatre, was practically sold out before opening night.  Unfortunately, for those of you who haven’t gotten tickets yet, it is sold out now and Diamond Head Theatre is unable to extend it any more than it already has.  For the lucky few of you who were able to snatch up some tickets, you have a great evening to look forward to.

What could I possibly say about Les Miserables that hasn’t already been said before?  This is a multiple Tony-Award-winning musical and is one of the longest running shows on Broadway, playing from 1987 to 2003.  It was a triumph for Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg to take Victor Hugo’s very thick novel and transform it into a three-hour musical, filled with such memorable songs as “Castle on a Cloud,” “Master of the House,” “Do you hear the people sing?,” “A Heart Full of Love,” and “One Day More.”

Les Miserables follows Jean Valjean, who had been imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread.  After breaking parole, Valjean changed his name and became a factory owner and a mayor, but is still being hunted by police inspector, Javert.  While mayor, Valjean meets Fantine, an unfortunate woman who has turned to prostitution in order to care for her illegitimate daughter, Cosette.  Valjean promises Fantine that he will take care of her daughter as her dying last wish.  He keeps his promise, adopts Cosette and lives a prosperous life through a time of revolution. 

Diamond Head Theatre casts Les Miserables perfectly and brings Broadway performer Peter Lockyer to play lead, Jean Valjean.  Lockyer’s voice awes the audience during the song, “Bring Him Home” and brought some people to tears.

Young Cosette’s former custodians, the Thenardiers, played by Cathy Foy-Mahi and Douglas S. Scheer, were very funny to watch.  Highlights include singing the humorous, “Master of the House” and in the final wedding scene when Mr. and Mrs. Thenardier make a flamboyant appearance.  Mrs. Thenardier reminded me of the Queen of Hearts, with a painted face, large hoop gown and a gaudy looking hairstyle.  Foy-Mahi and Scheer were a pleasure to watch.

The cast also includes children, adding depth and innocence.  Young actors, Jackson Brians as Gavroche and Lauren Nagamine as the Young Cosette, were wonderful.

My favorite moment:  The end of Act I as the students come together and sing, “One Day More” as they march on the eve of the revolution.  Young Gavroche is hoisted onto a man’s shoulders and waves the large French flag high above.

What’s your favorite moment?  Comment below.

Diamond Head Theatre
Les Miserables is playing September 26-October 19, 2008
Box Office:  808-733-0274


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