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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Men are Pigs

Why Men are Pigs

Defending the Caveman, starring Isaac Lamb, is showing at Hawaii Theatre now through May 29.

Defending the Caveman opens with the statement, “men are all assholes!”—a common line I’ve shared among my own female friends. But, what Isaac Lamb immediately points out in this one-man show is men and women already know this. But, if the tables were turned and he had said “women are bitches,” then there would be an uproar. Defending the Caveman looks at these differences between men and women’s personalities, including gender stereotypes and double standards. He tries to make sense of it by looking at the way we evolved from caveman times.

Married couples would particularly laugh at the anecdotes riddled throughout the show, though singles could get a kick out of it as well. Lamb does a good job at defending why men throw underwear and towels on the floor, why men love the television and why men are able to spend hours with their buddies but not have anything to say to their wives about what they talked about—they just don’t talk.

Besides defending men, Lamb reminded me why I like to be a woman. I particularly liked the comparison he made of women as gatherers to the way women shop. But, he also puts women on a pedestal and describes them as magical people who give birth, predict future events and can multi-task. And, he ends with the idea that it’s really about two people with different strengths coming together—a perfect reminder for heterosexual couples about why they fell in love.

Defending the Caveman, starring Isaac Lamb, is showing at Hawaii Theatre now through May 29.


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