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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Andy Bumatai Comedy Showcase at The Dragon Upstairs

Andy Bumatai Comedy Showcase at The Dragon Upstairs

It’s difficult to find regular comedy shows in Honolulu, especially ones that have a steady venue. But, on Wednesday nights, The Dragon Upstairs now has a weekly comedy showcase with Andy Bumatai as its host. It gives new and veteran stand-up comedians a place to perform and work on their craft.

I consider Bumatai to be one of the masters of comedy in Hawaii. We even wrote about him in The Funniest People in Hawaii. But, what I love most about his shows—besides that he can make me cry from laughing—is that he is also down-to-earth, making sure that everyone who came to last Wednesday’s comedy showcase was taken care of and had a place to sit down in the small, but trendy, space.

The lineup included about six performers, each with their own comedic style. There’s the one playing guitar, the sarcastic one, the one who will be remembered as the comedian whose phone rang during the performance and the tall Samoan guy, James Mane, making fun of Samoans because there are no other Samoans in the room. In between sets, Bumatai gets the audience laughing hysterically with jokes like, “Did you know Hawaiians invented rapping?” And, then, begins mimicking the sound of Hawaiian chanting.

Not to be missed.

$5 cover, Wednesdays, 8 p.m., 1038 Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu.

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