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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Loving Lotus Soundbar

Loving Lotus Soundbar

The line outside Lotus Soundbar, Friday, November 28, 2008, to see guest DJ Miguel Migs.

Photos by: Mike Hahn

DJ Miguel Migs in the DJ booth.

We had previously mentioned Lotus Soundbar in our March 2007 Calabash.  It is a two-story club, with three rooms of music and has the best sound system on the island. 

Honestly, I had never been excited about going to Lotus, because it’s known for house music (a style of electronic dance music) and I, like the strong majority of Hawaii, tend to listen to Top 40 (the best-selling and most broadcasted pop music songs.) Yes, Lotus plays hip-hop downstairs, but no one goes to Lotus for that, which leaves me dancing by myself in an empty room.  However, I have always envied Lotus for a couple of reasons. For one, while all the other clubs are kicking their patrons out at 3:30 a.m. so that the staff can leave early—talk about a customers-are-always-last policy—Lotus is always still going strong right up until 4.  Second, it has a trendy, diverse crowd—meaning, it’s not the usual too-short skirt with stilettos, baggy-pants and polo shirt-wearing crowd. Everyone is still stylish, but original.

The packed dance floor, facing the DJ.

Photos by: Mike Hahn

So, some out-of-town friends of mine wanted to see San Francisco DJ, Miguel Migs, playing deep house, who was appearing at Lotus. The lines were long.  People were paying a $20 cover.  All the rooms were packed.  The DJ was on stage.  Everyone was dancing to the beats.  I see now that Lotus had found a niche in Waikiki that will only continue to grow in Hawaii.

 It was a great night out, and visiting Lotus also partially answered an incessant question of mine, “Where do all the Japanese tourists go at night?”  There were a bunch of them.  If you haven’t heard, house music is huge everywhere else in the world, and Hawaii is late as usual.  Watch this popular YouTube video of DJ Tiesto (below), nicknamed the world’s No. 1 DJ, and see how he alone can fill a stadium with fans.

I’m sure house music will take over Hawaii too eventually… on Hawaiian time.

DJ Tiesto at the 2005 TMF Awards in Belgium, where he won Best DJ.


Upcoming Lotus Soundbar Events, with guest DJs:

December 31, 2008:  NYE 2009 Celebration with special guest: DJ FLX
January 2009:  Dimitri from Paris

21 and over

Lotus Soundbar
2301 Kuhio Ave.
Honolulu, HI
(808) 924-1688



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