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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

HOT's A Little Night Music

HOT's <em>A Little Night Music</em>

Photo: courtesy of Hawaii Opera Theatre

Hawaii Opera Theatre’s A Little Night Music is a musical treat and its last showings are this weekend, August 9-10.  The opening song gives you goose bumps—even after you realize that the five performers are only singing “La La La,” simplicity set within an elaborate melody. 

HOT casts a majority of their principal roles from New York, so these are professional performers with strong operatic voices.  Their experience shines through their performances and shouldn’t be missed.  It’s amazing to see what a cast like this can do with only a three-week rehearsal time, especially given that Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics are famously complicated.

The musical is a chaotic six-person love triangle, of which two principal characters, Frederick Egerman (Jake Gardner) and Desiree Armfeldt (Diane Alexander) grab the hearts of the audience.  Frederick is a respectable, wealthy lawyer, who is unsatisfied with his adolescent new bride, and Desiree is a promiscuous traveling actress who is an ex-lover—and now, current mistress—of Frederick’s.  Their forbidden meeting includes a whimsical duet singing, “You must meet my wife.” Gardner and Alexander make this musical quip look effortless.

The first act culminates as everyone heads to the country for a stay at Desiree’s country estate hoping for resolution within their own relationships. In the country, Desiree professes her love to Frederick, only to find out that he is committed to his marriage after all. (Don’t worry. I didn’t spoil it.  There’s plenty more to see.)

All eyes are on Desiree as her sadness turns into a dazzling performance of Sondheim’s signature song, “Send in the Clowns.” The real tears in her eyes catch the light as beautifully as the jewels on the lace-covered scarlet gown she is wearing.  This touching performance alone is enough reason to check out A Little Night Music

Hawaii Opera Theatre
A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim
Blaisdell Concert Hall
August 9 & 10

Buy tickets online, or call the Box Office at (808) 596-7858.



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