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The Ultimate Lost Drinking Game

Bust out the Dharma beer, because we’ve come up with the best way to binge watch Lost, ever. Warning, with 59 occasions to drink, you might be tipsy before the Smoke Monster even shows up.



It’s been 10 years since the premiere of the award-winning, filmed-in-Hawai‘i TV series Lost on Sept. 22, 2004. Whether you’ve finally recovered from the emotional journey (and blocked out the final season) or are watching the series for the first time (spoiler alert!), turn your Netflix binge session into a party with this Lost drinking game.


Take a drink every time ...


1. There’s a close-up of an eye
2. Jack does the opposite of what someone else wants
3. Sawyer says “Son of a bitch!”
4. You learn someone’s backstory
5. Someone gets punched
6. You recognize a shooting location
7. Hurley says “Dude.”
8. Someone does something heroic
9. Boone is in a scene
10. The number sequence appears
11. Someone runs as fast as they can
12. Kate is in handcuffs
13. Shannon acts like a princess
14. Rose says she’s waiting for Bernard
15. Someone finds out they were misled
16. Sawyer calls someone a nickname
17. Jin chastises Sun
18. Locke mentions destiny
19. Someone dies
20. You see the Dharma logo
21. Charlie mentions Drive Shaft
22. Someone finds something
23. Someone hooks up
24. Someone’s pregnant
25. Sayid talks about a transmitter
26. You hear or see the Smoke Monster
27. Kate doesn’t look dirty even though she’s stranded on an island
28. Vincent goes missing
29. Desmond calls someone “brotha”
30. Someone is left behind
31. Someone says “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”
32. Charlie does drugs
33. Someone saves Charlie’s life (chug when Charlie saves someone else’s life)
34. Hurley says the numbers are cursed
35. Someone pushes the button
36. Michael yells “Walt!”
37. Someone’s in a wheelchair
38. Ben does something evil
39. Ethan looks creepy
40. Jack says “We have to go back!”
41. Another character shows up in someone else’s flashback
42. Someone’s on a plane
43. Claire says “my baby”
44. Someone points a gun at someone else
45. You hear or see dead people (and no, they’re not dead all along)
46. Desmond has a flash
47. Faraday looks worried
48. Something blows up
49. You want to punch Ben in the face
50. Someone time travels
51. Sun realizes she loves Jin
52. Someone gets tortured
53. Keamy is in a scene
54. Jacob touches someone
55. Richard appears (un-aged) in another decade
56. Someone learns they’re related to someone else
57. Sun calls him “Jin-soo ssi”
58. You cry
59. You don’t know what’s going on


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