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Renovated Salt Lake condo offers value and contemporary style


This past weekend, realtor Matt Brummel showed a condo unit in Salt Lake that not only looks looks completely different from when he first found it, but is now better looking than most of its neighbors. (Click here for more details.)

It was previously sold in “loft” condition, a three-bedroom, two bath concrete box in total disrepair.

“We were able to go in to the unit prior to closing and do most of the work needed to bring it to market," explains Brummel, who bought the unit as an investment to flip. “The cool thing is that we closed our purchase on Friday, June 24 and listed it on Friday, July 1."

During the time that they were waiting for the sale to close, Brummel and his wife cleared out all the old flooring, doors, cabinets, appliances, and toilets and pretty much started over.

The floor in the kitchen, bathrooms and hall where the full-sized washer and dryer are have ceramic tiles; the living room and bedrooms feature cherry wood laminate flooring. They even installed cedar wood cabinets, granite counter tops, and all new fixtures, switches and outlets including Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms.

“It’s so nice now, we would want to live in it ourselves,” Brummel laughs. “But it’s too far from our work and family."

The Sunset Lakeview building has round-the-clock security, two air conditioned workout rooms, two pools, and four rooftop party areas with ocean views. In addition, there are two air-conditioned game rooms with pool tables, foosball, ping pong, darts, air hockey and more.

Money talk: $296,000 fee simple
Contact: Matt Brummel, Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties, 808-748-3495, MattB@cbpacific.com

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