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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Sour Note

In this month’s issue, we debuted a new department titled “Unsolicited Advice,” which we'll run as the inspiraton strikes. I happened to write the first one, cheekily—but sincerely—suggesting that the Honolulu Symphony perform film scores more often to appeal to a wider audience. At the time, the symphony seemed to have been saved from financial disaster in the summer and had just held a rousing season opener.

However on Saturday, the symphony cancelled its November and December concerts and announced that it would have to file for bankruptcy to get out from under a $1-million debt, rendering our well-intentioned advice moot, and our facts on the symphony out of date.

We hope this is not the beginning of an “Unsolicited Advice” curse. Best of luck to the symphony. And, seriously, when you get this bankruptcy thing figured out? Film scores.

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