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A Day in the Life of Local Freelance Artist Kim Sielbeck

We love freelance artist Kim Sielbeck’s Seussesque, 3-D paper-garden plants, full-of-life prints and charming wildcat ceramics.


Kim Sielbeck

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino, Illustrations: Kim Sielbeck


Who knew lil’ Kim had strokes of genius in her? Apparently, her mom. From the day she started drawing Fraggles, Sielbeck’s mom knew her daughter would live a color-full life. Fast forward to this February: The 30-year-old artist felt she needed a change from the overly saturated art scene in Brooklyn and returned to a place she once lived and adored. “My dad was in the Coast Guard, so we relocated here for a couple of years,” says Sielbeck. “I remember loving the warm weather and beautiful beaches.”


Now in her new downtown apartment, Sielbeck has time (and views of Diamond Head and the ocean to inspire her) to create more tropi-cool pieces that locals, and apparently the rest of the world, love. Sielbeck recently completed wheelchair spoke guards for Izzy Wheels, charming illustrations for a San Francisco-based floss company and some tee designs for Aussie brand Club of Odd. 


Catch a glimpse into the life of this amazing creative proving that moms really do know best.


8 A.M.

Kim Sielbeck

As a freelancer, each day, week and month is different. I start my day reviewing projects and deadlines. I also drink LOTS of coffee and start replying to emails.



Kim Sielbeck

Put on a good podcast (I love Reply All) and start working. Today I’m making drawing revisions for a book project and sketches for an article about slide guitar.


(Throughout the day)


Take breaks to pet the adorable Ziggy, my studio assistant.


1 P.M.

Kim Sielbeck

Lunch! A big salad is the usual (but pizza is always preferred). Then, time to hit the gym. I’ve been taking 30-minute bootcamp classes at a boxing gym. I love how short, yet intense, they are!



Kim Sielbeck

Keep working on sketches for the slide guitar article. I switch between drawing on paper and using the tablet and computer. I have better ideas working this way. I send the sketches off to the art director.



Kim Sielbeck

Start packing prints to drop off at a store downtown.



Kim Sielbeck

Drive to town while singing along to my favorite playlist (glad no one else is in the car).



Kim Sielbeck

Head over to the Honolulu Museum of Art School, where I’m learning ceramics. Sculpting clay uses totally different artistic muscles than drawing—I love the challenge. Today I’m working on some plates for a show in Brooklyn. I also throw some very wobbly-looking bowls on the wheel.


Kim Sielbeck






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