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Hawaii State Legislature debates legalizing same-sex marriage

Follow our continuing Hawaii State Capitol coverage of SB1, legislation to legalize gay marriage in the state.

Live Blog: Same-Sex Marriage in Hawaii
Hawaii lawmakers begin debating same-sex marriage legislation 
Photos: Hawaii lawmakers consider same-sex marriage
Hawaii House committee to accept same-sex marriage testimony until midnight Oct. 31
10 faces of Hawaii's gay marriage debate
Photos: Hawaii House committee hears public testimony
Hawaii House committee pass bill to legalize same-sex
marriage, moves to full House
Exclusive: Why Rep. Jo Jordan voted against Marriage Equality
Hawaii Senate leader plans to agree on House's version of same-sex marriage bill
Exclusive: Why Rep. Kaniela Ing voted for the Marriage Equality bill

Marriage for Hawaii’s gay and lesbian couples becomes a reality

10 Memorable Moments from the Same-Sex Marriage Debate


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