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6 Places Where You Can Get The Best Free Bread on O‘ahu

The best free bread in town.


The only thing better than a warm loaf of bread at a restaurant is a warm loaf of bread that’s free. And no matter how hard we try, how many times we defiantly declare, “I’m not going to ruin my appetite by eating bread!” that complimentary, gluten-packed, diet-breaking temptation on the table is hard to resist. We know. These six restaurants have done us in already.


1. Garlic rolls, Bravo Restaurant

Photo: Aaron Yoshino 

Wait—you haven’t ordered yet and you’re already filled up on a basket of golden garlic rolls glistening with butter and dusted with fresh parsley? These rolls are so good, you might forget to order dinner.

98-115 Ka‘ōnohi St., ‘Aiea, 487-5544, bravorestaurant.com


2. Herb focaccia, Alan Wong’s Honolulu

Photo: Steve Czerniak

Here, you’re offered a choice between a French roll or a house-made herb focaccia. Do not be seduced by the warm and chewy roll. The focaccia is buttery and moist in all the right ways, and the spicy aioli is addictively good.

1857 S. King St., #208, 949-1939, alanwongs.com


3. Lavosh, Plumeria Beach House

Photo: Aaron Yoshino 


There’s something satisfying about biting into crispy lavosh. Yet, even slathered with butter, you’ll still have plenty of room for dessert.

The Kāhala Hotel & Resort, 5000 Kāhala Ave., 739-8760, kahalahotel.com


4. Popovers, Mariposa

Photos: Aaron Yoshino 


These obscenely large and perfect popovers, paired with house-made strawberry butter and served only at lunch, convince us to opt for the salad so we feel less guilty about eating six of these airy indulgences. They can’t possibly have calories, can they?

Neiman Marcus, Ala Moana Center, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd., 951-3420


5. French bread, Assaggio

It’s warm, it’s crusty, it’s doughy, it’s served in a basket lined with a fancy white napkin. Even better, the French loaf is baked in-house, meaning it’s fresh, too.

Multiple locations, assaggiohawaii.com


6. Cheese bread, Hy’s Steakhouse


Only the first round of cheese bread, cut into strips like your mom’s grilled cheese sandwiches, is complimentary. Because it’s that good.

2440 Kūhiō Ave., 922-5555, hyswaikiki.com




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