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2016 Hale ‘Aina Awards: Champions of Chinatown

Here’s how two of downtown’s hottest new restaurants sprang from the partnership of Jesse Cruz and Dusty Grable. Two self-described “nobodies” (just try to find them in this photo!). The saga of Lucky Belly and Livestock Tavern shows that heart. Friendship and paying your dues make for an unbeatable combination.


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Photo: Aaron Yoshino 
1. Jason Daunny, Lucky Belly cook 
2. Jay Illon, Lucky Belly cook
3. Promise Salle, Lucky Belly Cook 
4. Tiffany Ibale, Breaking Bread Hospitality Group administrative director 
5. Tar Raymond, Lucky Belly and Livestock Tavern cook 
6. Shirley Le, Lucky Belly bartender 
7. Alicia Leon, Lucky Belly and Livestock Tavern bartender 
8. Allie Haines, Livestock Tavern bartender 
9. Jenn Tenaglia, Livestock Tavern server
10. Emi Harase, Livestock Tavern server
11. Cori Okabayashi, Livestock Tavern host 
12. Janny Phillip, Livestock Tavern cook 
13. Alfredo Baliba, Livestock Tavern head chef 
14. Jake Saito, Livestock Tavern cook 
16. Moses Moses, Lucky Belly cook 
17. Lathson Robert, Lucky Belly and Livestock Tavern cook 
18. Sareche Nosa, Lucky Belly cook
19. Joey Joyce, Lucky Belly Bartender 
20. Elizabeth Jimenez, Livestock tavern bartender 
21. veronica de guzman, lucky belly server 
22. sydny landon, lucky belly server
23. mercedes flores, livestock tavern host 
24. dennis chinn, livestock tavern server 
25. trevor jackson, breaking bread hospitality group kitchen manager 
26. jano okomuro, lucky belly cook 
27. laster kiris, lucky belly cook 
28. KN Mikel, lucky belly head chef 
29. thomas tarpley, livestock tavern cook 
30. jordan tantog, lucky belly server
31. jesse cruz, breaking bread hospitality group owner 
32. j-four daunny, livestock tavern cook 
33. anastasia cendrowski, lucky belly host 
34. dusty grable, breaking bread hospitality group owner 
35. ku‘ulei akuna, livestock tavern bartender 
36. john foley, livestock tavern server 
37. michael nishikawa, breaking bread hospitality group beverage director 
38. tk Phillip, Livestock Tavern cook 
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