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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hair Styles from Hawaii Designers

Hair Styles from Hawaii Designers

This brass headband was hand-crafted on Maui by artist Mona Lisa, whose line is called Geisha Fabulous.

Courtesy Geisha Fabulous

Forget cuts and color—the biggest trend for 2010 hairstyles is accessorizing. From oversized bows to 1930’s-inspired ’dos with peacock feathers, hair accessories are all over runways. But forget drugstore classics like Goody; I found some far cooler adornments, all made locally by Hawaii designers.

Sheri Rodrigues’ peppy Pieces of Me line features colorful fabric headbands ($12) and ponytail holders ($5 to $6) that can instantly salvage a bad hair day. Make that two bad-hair days: the headbands are reversible, with a different pattern on each side. You can find her line at Fishloaves, Global Creations, Sugar Cane Boutique and Angel by the Sea at the Marriott Waikiki, or call Rodrigues at 728-4809. Look for faux leather to come soon, she says.

If you’re into edgy fashions, you’ll find Catwings Couture irresistible. As a burlesque performer, Miss Catwings has long been making her own hair accessories and costumes, and has turned her expertise into a line of daintily wicked barrettes, pillboxes and headpieces.

Miss Catwings calls them “dangerously cute accessories,” and says she works with “feathers, netting, plastic, beads, appliqués, fabric, plastic fruit, skeletons … It depends on my mood.” She has also done custom veils for brides, “for people who want something a little different.” Prices are $5 to $50, with custom work individually priced. Find Catwings Couture at the “Shop, Bop and Grind” event on First Fridays on Chaplain Lane, as well as the fourth Thursday of each month, when “Art and Flea” hits Fresh Café. She may soon appear at “Slow Fridays,” too.

From sweet, simple floral designs to show-stopping Grecian-goddess crowns, Geisha Fabulous offers an enchanted vibe. Maui-based welder Mona Lisa creates handmade brass or brass-and-enamel designs. Her headbands use a flexible wire, so they disappear into your hair, and won’t give you the massive headache a nonflexible headband can. I wish I could say I discovered her, but Mona Lisa has already been found by Hollywood; she’s made custom designs for Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani.

Her prices range from a floral hair clip for $30, to simple hibiscus headband ($58 to $80) and the Fairy Flower Crown Gold, at $200. You can find Geisha Fabulous on Maui at Enchantress Boutique, on the Big Island at Persimmon, and many vendors on Oahu, such as Cinnamon Girl, Madison & Co. and Bamboo Sky. 

Lastly, if you want to try the hair accessory trend but want to start off with something super low-key, try the natural, beachy looks from Medusa and the Snail. This line of handcrafted shell-decorated bobby pins is wearable, fresh and perfect for short hair, or cute tucked into longer, braided styles. A set of two is $12 each at Etown on Smith Street.

Editor's Note: "To see all these hair accessories, tune in Sept. 16 for Kathryn’s segment on "Dress to the 9s" on the Hawaii News Now program "Sunrise."  

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