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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stop and Gloss the Roses

Stop and Gloss the Roses

Photo: Courtesy Benefit

For some weird reason, I’ve been in the mood for everything and anything rose scented. So, when Benefit sent me a tester of its new lip balm, Benetint SPF 15, they had me the minute I screwed off the top and took a little sniff of the rose scent. It gives you a lovely petal hue on your lips, too—ruby in a natural, flushed way, not red in a “tacky stain on a coffee cup” way. The SPF 15 makes it perfect for Hawaii’s climate. And, unlike some lip balms, it actually does the job it’s supposed to and moisturizes with a vitamin E blend. I had it on all afternoon and it stayed nice and moist. It’s $20 and slated out in October; look for it at Sephora locally or at

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