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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Binky to the Rescue

Parents looking for an alternative to latex or silicone pacifiers might want to try the Ecobinky, a pacifier almost as natural as Junior’s thumb. It’s made from real rubber—you know, that stuff that actually comes from a tree, Hevea brasiliensi. The manufacturer claims this avoids the risk of a possible latex allergy reaction. The pacifier is $9 at the new Little Sprouts children’s boutique in Kailua, which offers two binky sizes: newborn to six months, and six-months-and-up. The store also has cute, ecofriendly clothing, such as organic cotton dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts, as well as toys and accessories for children newborns size to size 4T. 629A Kailua Road, 266-8877 or


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