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“The Funniest People in Hawaii” Nov. 2009

Charles Memminger traced the surprising connections of Hawaii’s comedians, looking from the early days of Lucky Luck to more contemporary artists like Frank DeLima and Augie T.

You left out two of the very best. One for the ages, and one is the hottest comic in town. Sam Kapu has been entertaining people on Hawaii radio for more than 30 years. He is known as the Kapahulu Common mango, Menehune of the microphone. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t have a new joke. “Uncle Sam,” as he is affectionately known, just recently retired from KINE 105, where he held comedy court Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and sometimes Saturday. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to be hosted by him at his world famous “Sam’s garage,” you’d know how funny and talented he was. There will never be another Uncle Sam.

The other person to mention is the hottest comic in town, Kaleo Pilanka. He packs them in at every performance throughout the state and is on 102.7 Da Bomb every morning. He is so funny, you look at him, and you want to laugh.


Holiday Annual Issue, Nov. 2009

I am nowhere near finished with the November issue, but it looks great. You must be meeting all your advertising goals on this issue alone. I do look at all the ads as I like to keep up with all Hawaiian ads; the other high-end ads are in my other magazines (Golf Week, Time and Every Day with Rachael Ray). One of my biggest regrets is that we did not remain on Oahu when my then husband was mustered out of the service; so much (not all good) has happened since 1957. I have been back twice in the 2000s but your magazine makes me want to visit all the sites and events your magazine shares with me. Thank you for sharing all that you do.


Bar Brawl, Dec 2009

Our listing of “Bars that Bombed,” part of our coverage in our December “Best Bars” story, caused a bit of a kerfuffle. Check out the whole story in Best Bars: Liquid Assets.

Judging from this post and the ridiculous list of Best Bars, the authors obviously have no appreciation for anything progressive or beyond the usual Oahu fare. V Lounge opens up and offers the very first and only Neapolitan-style pizza (as in Naples, Italy) in the state. They built their own wood-fire oven just to have ignorant Island folk complain when they don’t get Domino’s mega-stuffed-crust pizza brought to their table. That thin crust and those big hot blisters on the edge are to be celebrated….     


Dear god, seems like the owners of V Lounge are busy posting on this forum instead of fixing their crappy bar. Three posts by anonymous praising only one of the trashed bars? Something stinks.


Ahana koko lele

A sharp-eyed architect wrote in with this note:
The architect credited with the design of the Hawai‘i State Capital building was John Carl Warneke, not John Carl as identified on page 221 [“From Our Files”] of the November issue of HONOLULU. John Carl Warneke was the principal of the San Francisco architectural firm that won the design competition for the building. He joint-ventured with the local firm Belt Lemon and Lo for final design and Construction in 1968 and 1969.



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