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Where to Get Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Honolulu


Everyone loves a good cocktail … don’t they? No? Well, whether you’re having an extra-long post-NYE recovery, or simply don’t drink, here are a few bars and restaurants around town that offer some creative, housemade drinks bereft of booze.

Lemongrass Soda at 12th Avenue Grill

This refreshingly light soda is tangy and herbal with just the right amount of sweetness. Garnished with a lime—the perfect accent to this pleasantly sour treat.

$5, 12th Avenue Grill, 1120 12th Avenue, 12thavegrill.com.


Lilikoi Vanilla Soda at 12th Avenue Grill

Familiar passion fruit is mixed with an equally familiar whiff of vanilla to make a less familiar combination. This soda, with a deep yellow color hinting at the saturated tartness within, is definitely for those who appreciate a bit of pucker, though the vanilla rounds out the edges.

$5, 12th Avenue Grill, 1120 12th Avenue, 12thavegrill.com.

Hibiscus Lemonade at Lucky Belly

A hibiscus syrup made with the flowers colors this lovely red drink and amps up the sour quotient.

$3.75, Lucky Belly, 50 N. Hotel St., luckybelly.com.

Jasmine Lime Soda at Lucky Belly

The sweeter jasmine lime soda doesn't much taste like jasmine, but is a good limeade.

$3.75, Lucky Belly, 50 N. Hotel St., luckybelly.com.

Pandan Tea at Pig and the Lady

This is not your usual iced tea. Pandan, a leaf used in Southeast Asian cuisine, creates a subtle and smooth tea that, odd as it sounds, reminds us of butter mochi.

$3, Pig and the Lady, 83 N. King St., thepigandthelady.com.

Coconut Horchata at The Pig and the Lady

Horchata, a rice-based drink with a creamy texture and lots of cinnamon, is usually found at Mexican restaurants. Here, the addition of smooth coconut milk richness makes this already beloved beverage even better.

$4, The Pig and the Lady, 83 N. King St., thepigandthelady.com.

Strawberry Cream Soda at Stage

This is made with strawberries pureed right there at the bar for you, then finished off with some simple syrup, crushed ice, and cream. It’s “nothing fancy”, says the bartender. Just a simple, delicious and fresh-tasting trip to the strawberry patch that isn’t too sweet and hearkens back to those fun (and so fancy!) Italian sodas you used to love as a kid. Yum!

$4.50, Stage, 1250 Kapiolani Boulevard, stagerestauranthawaii.com.

Soda fountain flavors at The Pineapple Room

Pineapple Room's housemade sodas run sweet. Really sweet. Our picks: the cream soda with Tahitian vanilla beans or blueberry. The watermelon, too, chunky and muddled for you right there at the bar.

$7 Old Fashion Cream Soda, $5 Blueberry Soda, The Pineapple Room, 1450 Ala Moana Boulevard, alanwongs.com/pineapple-room/home-pr

Ginger Brew at Downbeat Diner

It’s not just for Moscow Mules! In fact, on its own, it’s perhaps even better. Gingery, zippy and so refreshing.

$4, Downbeat Diner, 42 N. Hotel St., downbeatdiner.com.


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