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10 Epic Costumes That Really Impressed Us at Comic Con Honolulu 2017

Fans went all-out with incredible outfits at this year’s science fiction and comic book convention.


Thousands of science fiction, video game and comic book fans filled the Hawai‘i Convention Center for Comic Con Honolulu on the last weekend in July for a three-day event celebrating geeky pop culture in all its digital and tabletop glory.


Attendees were taking selfies with celebrities including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys actor Kevin Sorbo and The Princess Bride actor Cary Elwes, kicking butt in video-game battles and board-game tournaments, and perusing work by local Hawai‘i artists and illustrators.


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“Comic Con Honolulu is a place where you can get together and discuss your favorite shows, cosplay as your favorite characters and celebrate what you love,” says Comic Con Honolulu chairman Marlon Stodghill, who explains the convention’s goal is to bring guests to Hawai‘i that fans want to meet.


For many guests, a weekend at Comic Con Honolulu wouldn’t be complete without dressing up as one’s favorite character. Some people do it up right: Here are some of the incredible costumes, including a few of our favorites.


10. Megan Dorado as Ochako Uraraka, My Hero Academia

Comic Con Honolulu

Photos: Tien Enga 

Wearing thick wristbands and belt, a bright pink collar and a jumpsuit, Dorado controls the gravity of objects, making anything weightless as Ochako Uraraka, a superhero-in-training at U.A. High, a unique high school for heroes in a world where having superpowers is the norm.



9. Lisa, Rika, Aylah and Lilith Davis as the Dread Pirate Roberts Family, The Princess Bride

Comic Con Honolulu

The original “Dread Pirate Roberts” is mentioned in The Princess Bride as a fearsome figure who first saves the farm boy Westley (Cary Elwes) and later trains him to be his replacement. In this way, the lineage is passed down. Similarly, the family that costumes together stays together as the Davises dress up all as the Dread Pirate Roberts, ready to set sail for adventure and treasure.



8. James Marcotte as Assassin Cross, Ragnarok Online

Comic Con Honolulu

Armed with daggers and swords, the mysterious assassins of the Korean online multiplayer game Ragnarok are known for their combat abilities, use of deadly poison and having really stylish hair. Marcotte nails it with this costume using intimidating twin blades and sculpted pieces of armor.


7. Kamakani De Dely as Yondu Udonta, Guardians of the Galaxy

Comic Con Honolulu

As the blue-skinned leader of a clan of interstellar Ravagers in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Yondu (Michael Rooker) became a father figure to young Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), although the two often clashed due to Yondu’s rough and unscrupulous ways. De Dely captures that sassy essence with this elaborate costume, complete with blue face paint, a leathery reptilian jacket and prosthetic fin atop his head.


6. Andrew Takai as Bastion + Garrett Kato as Zenyatta, Overwatch

Comic Con Honolulu

One’s a war machine that has abandoned war in favor of exploring the natural world. The other’s a wandering robotic guru who fights to protect the innocent. Together, they’re two mechanical lifeforms from the video game Overwatch, looking for their place in the world. They’ve found it at Comic Con Honolulu, with these cardboard and foam suits. Bastion even lights up and comes with a bonus reference for fans: When the character first debuted, players were salty, complaining he was overpowered and too strong. The result became internet memes of Bastion—literally made of Morton Salt, a nod to all the haters.


5. James Ishizaki as Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow

It’s not easy to follow in the ambling, drunken footsteps of Johnny Depp’s iconic smarmy pirate of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, a character both endlessly mimicked yet difficult to seriously accomplish well. Yet Ishizaki succeeds, channeling his inner scalawag and nailing the costume, makeup, facial hair and mannerisms spot-on.


4. Trey Carter as Samus Aran, Metroid

Comic Con Honolulu

Trey Carter wears a mix of armor pieces and even a light-up arm cannon to portray Samus Aran, the famed bounty hunter of Metroid, ready to fight aliens and space pirates alike. Consistently ranked as among one of the greatest heroines in video-game history, the character also won a Guinness World Record as “the first playable human female character in a mainstream video game.” Carter’s awesome costume lives up to this formidable female legend.


3. Leah Rose as Mercy, Overwatch

Comic Con Honolulu Mercy from Overwatch.

Professional cosplay maker and model Leah Rose casts a healing beam as Mercy, a Swiss nanobiologist and field medic who serves as a guardian angel curing injured teammates in the video game Overwatch. Wearing a special armored Valkyrie suit complete with wings, Rose wields her signature Caduceus staff to heal—but she could probably whack enemies with it pretty hard, too.


2. Raiden Barrientos as Hanzo, Overwatch

Comic Con Honolulu

Barrientos may portray a slightly smaller version of Hanzo, the master Japanese bowman and assassin of Overwatch, but he’s every bit as awesome and effective. He’s got the gear, the hair and even the (fake) tattoos perfect. In addition to his deadly storm bow, he can also summon spirit dragons to devour enemies. Cute! But deadly.


1. Jonathan Quilantang as Iron Man in “Hulkbuster” Armor, Avengers: Age of Ultron

Comic Con Honolulu - Iron Man.

In Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) creates a special heavy-duty Iron Man suit specially equipped to combat The Hulk, in the event the big green guy goes ballistic. Little Quilantang wowed crowds last year with his “metal” suit inspired by the first Iron Man film; we see he and his parents have added a few impressive upgrades this year. The Hulk doesn’t stand a chance against this (tiny) red machine.


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