Field Guide: Pensacola St.

Walk along this Makiki street and you’ll find everything from tasty cookies to wigs the colors of Creamsicles.


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Photo: David Croxford


Fujikami Florist

A second-generation-run shop, Fujikami Florist is the oldest florist in Hawaii, established in 1919. Owner Stephen Fujikami and staff have kept the arrangements fresh and diverse in the Pensacola Street location since 1987. This full-service florist does everything from arranging bouquets and centerpieces—with real or Chinese silk flowers—for special events and personal occasions to assembling wine gift baskets, offering 500 different varities. 1200 Pensacola St., 532-2922. 

Cookies by Design

Photo: David Croxford

Why give a boring box of chocolates for a special occasion when you can give an arrangement of colorfully iced cookies in any shape or size? If you can think of it, the local franchise of Cookies by Design can design, bake and decorate it—or choose from the more than 350 designs already available. The shop creates sugar or brown sugar-and-cinnamon cookies for holidays, anniversaries, weddings, tea parties, corporate events, baby lu‘au and more. Gourmet chocolate chip, peanut butter and other flavors are also available. Or bring in a photo and have it re-created on the cookies in edible versions. Cookies can be delivered or shipped, and there are also Mylar balloon and card options. 1112 Pensacola St., 536-4447.

Photo: David Croxford


La Parisienne

Wander in to La Parisienne for gently used women’s suits. For around $100, you’ll find Prada, Armani, St. John and other blazers with tops or skirts. To go with your new wardrobe, owner Betty Higa also sells an array of costume and fine jewelry, heels, handbags and wallets. Higa also has a random selection of small porcelain collectibles and teacup sets. 1118 Pensacola St., 528-0116. 



 Did You Know?

Pensacola Street was created in 1874 and named after the U.S. battleship that often docked in Honolulu in the 1860s and 1870s. It carried King Lunalilo to Hilo in 1873 and brought King Kalakaua home from San Francisco in 1875.


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