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Mark Sugimoto
Head of School

Discover the possibilities for your child at Hanalani Schools! Nestled on six beautiful acres in Mililani, Hanalani has nurtured, challenged and equipped students from pre-K to 12th grade for success in both college and life for 67 years. We seek to enrich the whole child—mentally, physically, and spiritually—and develop successful leaders within their future careers, communities, and families. High-quality programs challenge students to focus on three foundational pillars: core knowledge/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), critical skills, and Christian character.


We describe Hanalani’s approach to teaching core knowledge as Academics Plus, by which our students develop their academic foundation focused on STEAM. We also believe to effectively meet life challenges after graduation, students need more than just academics—they need to engage in learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Our students regularly experience off-campus learning in places and at events around the island, as well as on trips abroad. Co-curricular opportunities, especially through various teams—in athletics, arts and activities—provide our students with additionally rich life and leadership lesson opportunities. The athletic field/court, drama production stage, and student government headquarters all serve as empowering classrooms for working cooperatively and developing leadership skills.


As we prepare our keiki for jobs that may not even yet exist, critical skills prove equally foundational as core knowledge to their development as successful leaders. These six skills are creativity & adaptability, critical & analytical thinking, citizenship, collaborative leadership, effective communication (written, oral, digital and arts), digital citizenship, and cultural competence. They are taught through traditional classroom methods as well as through co-curricular activities.


The last foundational pillar, Christian character, addresses the hearts and character development of our students. They are taught to love God and others, which translates to dealing with others through compassion, kindness, empathy, integrity, honesty and other relational virtues critical to successful leadership. They are also taught to challenge themselves to excellence in all that they do.


Hanalani Schools


For students in grades K3-6, our Lower School program offers a safe and nurturing environment in the classroom, where students experience hands-on learning through manipulatives, demonstrations, experiments, and technology. Lower School program highlights include a nationally-recognized student government program, champion Elementary Science Olympiad team, organized sports, robotics, art, music, eco-garden, overnight camps and trips, and more!


For students in grades 7-12, our Upper School program promotes excellence in academics and character development through a well-rounded, relevant education. Going beyond the STEAM-powered core classes, students have vast opportunities in a plethora of co-curricular activities. Upper School program highlights include an award-winning mathematics team, international-champion robotics team, nationally-recognized student government program, ILH athletic teams, drama, band, orchestra, clubs, off-island trips and more! We are proud that 100 percent of our graduates are accepted into colleges/universities, with many receiving scholarships.


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94-294 Anania Drive, Mililani, HI 96789  |  (808) 625-0737  |  www.hanalani.org


Hanalani Schools