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Damien School
Wes Reber Porter
President and CEO

Since its founding in 1962, Damien Memorial School has provided a high quality, college preparatory education featuring small class sizes, talented instructors and supportive counselors. That explains why 95 percent of our Class of 2018 is pursuing higher education at 78 colleges and universities in 22 states while earning nearly $8.2 million in scholarships.


A middle and high school for boys and girls in grades 6 to 12, Damien is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Hawaii Association of Independent Schools and Western Catholic Educational Association.


Damien prepares students for the challenges and opportunities in their futures through hands-on, project-based learning and other best practices. This approach cultivates leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving and other essential skills increasingly in demand on college campuses and in the workforce. Examples of our forward-thinking initiatives include:


  • Social and Emotional Learning techniques, which help students achieve positive goals and express empathy for others;

  • Our Women in Leadership mentoring and internship program, which pairs girls with female role models who have distinguished themselves in a wide variety of fields;

  • The Damien Design Team, which planned and commissioned a two-story mural of our school’s namesake, Saint Damien of Molokai; and

  • Our Outdoor Lab and Learning Center, which teaches students about hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture and Native Hawaiian cultural practices.


Damien School


To accommodate a growing student population, we are redeveloping and repurposing our facilities and outdoor spaces through the “Our Campus 2020” campaign. Improvements include an 8,000-square-foot Welcome Center that serves as a dynamic hub for campus activities and a one-stop shop for parents, prospective parents and other visitors.


In addition, the center houses our Design and Innovation Studios, which accommodate high-tech pursuits, such as live broadcasts, podcasts, audio and video recordings, and digital photography.


We also have a proud tradition of competing in a wide variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, swimming, canoe paddling, cross country, track and field, judo and cheerleading.


Damien is part of the Edmund Rice School Network, a national and international consortium of Catholic campuses sponsored by the Congregation of Christian Brothers. This means we offer a rigorous educational experience grounded in faith and service for Catholic and non-Catholic families alike. Our mission calls for students, faculty and staff to:


  • Pursue excellence in all endeavors;

  • Celebrate the value and dignity of each person;

  • Demonstrate compassion for the poor and disadvantaged; and

  • Advocate for peace, justice, global awareness and care for the Earth.


This mission also calls for Damien to keep tuition as low as possible so students from all walks of life can enroll. Accordingly, about 80 percent of our families receive financial aid from the school, the Catholic Church and other donors. Many students also qualify for scholarships based on academic merit.


Located near the Bishop Museum and Honolulu International Airport, Damien is easily accessible from downtown Honolulu, Leeward and Windward communities, and many Oahu military bases. We invite families to schedule a campus tour and experience the “Damien Difference” for themselves.


1401 Houghtailing Street, Honolulu, HI 96817, (808) 841-0195, Damien.edu


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