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Nurturing Future Leaders of the New Pacific Century

Asia Pacific International School

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Why Was APIS Started?

The most compelling reason for starting Asia Pacific International School, or APIS, came from the growing and urgent need for a new kind of education. The world around us is changing rapidly, yet the education system has not kept pace. Schools have tended to be very conservative by nature and many of them remain traditional and insular in many ways.


APIS started out with the belief that the 21st century will be an era where the relationship between East and West will be the key driving force behind the mega-paradigm shift that is happening right now. At APIS, we call this shift the New Pacific Century.


APIS is committed to educating students who will learn to bridge the gap between East and West and help shape the New Pacific Century.

Asia Pacific International School


What Sets Us Apart?

APIS is unique in that we can truly boast a global campus. Our campus of the East is in Seoul, South Korea, a dynamic city of 10 million people. We view Seoul as the economic, cultural and political hub of East Asia, making it an ideal environment to learn about the complexities and potentials of the region.


Our campus of the West, is situated on 97 beautiful acres on the North Shore of O‘ahu. With the ocean to the front and mountains to its rear, the villagelike environment of our APIS Hawai‘i campus is maximized for building deep relationships through collaborative, experiential learning.


Students can explore diverse learning opportunities by literally moving back and forth between the East and West. APIS is breaking down traditional classroom walls to make the world its classroom. We are a purpose driven school where our vision and values drive everything we do.


We are also a small school by design, where every child in our school community is known and cared for. We have a student-to-teacher ratio BELOW 5 to 1. And we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure success for all of our students.


Asia Pacific International School


Can You Imagine the Possibilities?

The success of our students is of no surprise given the compelling vision we share for the future. We are confident in who we are and are driven not just for our own success but for the higher calling of serving others and truly making an impact for the betterment of Humanity. We invite you to come and experience it for yourself and see that we ARE different!


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