Your Weekend: The Best Family Fun in Honolulu for May 6–12, 2021

Look for baby birds, celebrate mom with a fun selfie and crafts, learn a new art skill and sign up for a summer STEM camp.


4 Adult Mok Feeding Chick Rich Downs Courtesy Conservation Council Of Hawaii

A manu-O-kū feeding its chick. Photo: Rich Downs, courtesy of Conservation Council of Hawaiʻi


6th Annual Manu-o-Kū Festival

The white or fairy tern is wrapping up its nesting season and the eggs laid during the busiest breeding time, in March, are hatching. So, the Manu-o-Ku festival is a good time to learn about the native bird with the fuzzy (and adorable) chicks. We miss the in-person event that was held at ‘Iolani Palace until pandemic concerns moved it online last year. But we’re glad while some events will still occur online, this weekend families will once again be able to see at nesting sites in person. Guides at the International Market Place will take bird fans of all ages to look for chicks at in the morning this weekend and through next week. Kids can also sit for story time, learn from experts at the Honolulu Zoo, Waikīkī Aquarium and more.


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Mothers Day Card Popup Courtesy Hawaii Childrens Discovery Center

Photo: Courtesy of Hawaiʻi Children’s Discovery Center

Hawai‘i Children’s Discovery Center

The Mother’s Day party has been sold out for weeks, but the Hawai‘i Children’s Discovery Center has some other activities planned for people who stop by for a day of play. There will be a photo op backdrop from Card My Yard and crafts including make-your-own bottle cap necklace and decorating an “M” suncatcher to do before jumping into the educational and playful galleries for your two-hour time slot. If you plan a visit, remember that May craft and reading kits are also available to purchase ahead of time for pick up at the center.


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Keiki Rainbow Wellness Challenge

Drink more water, eat more vegetables, get enough sleep. This month, kids who complete seven of 11 challenges, including the three we just listed, by the 31st can download a finisher certificate and receive a face mask. If your school is participating, find the list here, you could win a prize including a bicycle or workout gear. Even if your school did not officially sign up, it can receive funding for physical fitness programs for each student who participates.


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Make a Tessellation

It feels like we’ve done a lot of art projects this past year. A lot. But the Art Explorium has a tutorial for a new artistic skill for you to try out. Tessellation is when you cover a piece of paper or any surface with one or more repeated geometric shapes without overlapping them or leaving gaps. This video is better for kids in elementary school or older, or younger kids with the help of their parents.


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Register: Flight School for Girls

If you are still looking for ideas for your summer, the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum is still taking registrations for its 5-day summer program. There are still spaces in the Flight School for Boys but, last time we chatted with the museum, there are even more spaces available in the Flight School for Girls. The week-long program teaches middle school students everything from pre-flight checks and the science behind lifts, experiments, flight simulators and more. Sorry to say the Explorers Club for kids in grades 3 to 5 is sold out; there is a waitlist.

Flight School for Girls: