Estria Miyashiro

Pics: Pow Wow Day 5

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Pics: Pow Wow Day 4

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Kaka’ako mural by Estria and Prime

In an effort to support Kamehameha Schools’ movement to raise art awareness in Kaka’ako, graffiti artists Estria Miyashiro and John “Prime” Hina began working on a new mural Friday near the former Pipeline Cafe.The pair, part of 808 Urban, drew…

Estria Battle

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Live art by Estria and ‘Prime’

This month, Eat the Street featured live art by two renowned street artists Estria Miyashiro, founder of the Estria International Graffiti Battle and John “Prime” Hina of 808 Urban.Many people lingered to watch the progress of the two artists. As…

Tweeting up in Napa

I had a great time on my final last day in San Francisco, hanging out with my Kawananakoa classmate Debora Aoki. She now lives in the Bay Area and is an “arteest” known for her blog on manga.Even back…