Style and beauty picks from 'Pretty Little Liars' star Janel Parrish

'Pretty' Woman

Pretty Little Liars' Janel Parrish

Truth is, we're majorly obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, a show that revolves around murder, mysteries, and seriously hot fashion. Lucky for us, actress and Oahu native Janel Parrish, who plays Mona Vanderwaal, was more than happy to reveal her top beauty picks, favorite local spots, and the truth behind her character's villain-turned-victim plot twist. Well, sort of.

The series just launched its fourth season and already Mona's spilled some pretty big secrets! Can she be trusted?
"That remains to be seen! But so far it seems like Mona really is on (the Pretty Little Liars') side and needs their help as much as they need hers."

Mona went from being ringleader of the menacing 'A' team to, literally, fighting the real 'A.' How is it playing this new side to Mona?
"I love it! She's finally being herself, no pretending. This is the real, edgy, smart, and slightly bitchy Mona. It's refreshing to finally see her in her true form. Her new style conveys her bad-ass attitude and I'm loving all her biker jackets and spiky jewelry."

Sterling Sulieman (Nate, Season 3) and Amanda Schull (Meredith, Seasons 1-3) are also from Hawaii. Did you ever connect on set?
"Yes! Sterling and I grew up doing theater together. It was really cool to see him again on set. Amanda and I have talked about being from Hawaii and she is a total sweetheart. It's always great to see someone from the islands succeed."

Where do you like to go when you're back in Hawaii?
"I love hiking Pillboxes (in Kailua) and Lanikai Beach is a favorite. I'm also fond of the swap meet and Ala Moana Center for shopping. For food on the go, I crave Kozo Sushi." (Editor's note: click here for Janel's favorite local stores!)

What's your hair and makeup routine here?
"I love to be natural when I'm home. I'll let my hair air dry and, because of the humidity, I don't wear foundation – just some sunscreen and mascara."

Janel Parrish's Beauty Picks

"I've been wearing Dolce & Gabanna's Light Blue perfume for years. It's a bolder smell, not very feminine, and really kind of sexy. I always get a lot of compliments on it." $25-$93, Macy's.

"I never go anywhere without mascara! Diorshow Black Out gives me long, plump, doll-like lashes." $25, Sephora.

"Redken All Soft shampoo is so moisturizing, it makes my hair really soft and smells amazing, too." $16.99, Longs Drugs.

Click here for more of Janel's must-haves and a styling trick she picked up on set, as seen in HONOLULU Shops! Watch Janel tonight at 8 p.m. on the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. (Janel Parrish photos provided by ABC Family and Angelina Venturella.)