Spam-believable! Spam Jam dessert preview

You’ve seen the roundup of Spam-tastic dishes coming your way at tomorrow’s Waikiki Spam Jam. But this next bit, even we needed video evidence to believe: sweet desserts topped and studded with our favorite processed meat product.

Behold! Spam and maple cheesecake, Spam apple cobbler and the unbelievable Spam musubi Onopop, complete with sushi rice, caramelized Spam and furikake (there’s a ChocoSpamo pop, too, that seems almost too credible by comparison). All to be found among the 15 food booths, Spam merch and live music and entertainment, all helping to benefit the Hawaii Foodbank.

The celebration of all things Spam happens up and down Kalakaua Avenue tomorrow from 4 to 10 p.m. Come look for us in the Nonstop booth with our brand-new Nonstop stickers. And keep an eye out for these once-in-a-lifetime creations, below.