Six Events for a Super Stylish Weekend

The best shopping and fashion events this weekend.


Night Marchers
What: OK, we've saved up our allowance, our piggy banks are packed and we've starved for weeks just so we don't spend money. All for (duh) Honolulu Night Market. Make up for all those hungry lunchtimes with Guava Smoked, Elena's Filipino Food, The Girls Who Bake Next Door and The Pig and the Lady. On the retail side, you have Indigo Elixirs with some new concoctions, the always-a-favorite Mikinola team with hip, modern designs, and Kaimana Beachwear for sexy swimsuits, because you live in Hawai'i and it's summer all year round, yo.
When: Saturday, Sept. 20, 6–11 p.m. Tyson Joines fashion show at 8 p.m.
Where: 449 Cooke St.
Details: Visit the Honolulu Night Market Facebook page for more information.


Beer Fest
What: Finding the best beer for the beer-iest month of the year is a tough job. Seriously, it's really hard, but someone has to do it! Hula's Bar and Lei Stand is asking for your help with this totally arduous task this year. Choose from three beer runners-up in honor of Oktoberfest and chime in with your two cents on what will take the title of Hula's October Beer of the Month. The winning beer will be announced at the end of the month. You know, you're really a saint for doing this. It's probably going to be so difficult on you.
When: Thursday, Sept. 18. 10 a.m.–Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2 a.m.
Where: 134 Kapahulu Ave.
Details: $7 for a sampler. Call 923-0669 for more information.


Good Night Moon
What: Everyone knows that birthday weekends are the best weekends. Especially when the birthday belongs to a hip apparel brand, Moon Collective. We know you love its abstract, mystical graphic tees and totes, and as a special gift to you, Moon Collective will unveil some new designs. Not to mention, there will be DJs and some good old b-day booze.
When: Friday, Sept. 19, 8 p.m.–1 a.m.
Where: Loft in Space, 831 Queen St.
Details: Call 688-8055 for more information.


Written in Stone
What: Yes, Margaret Atwood has won oodles of awards for her iconic works such as The Handmaid's Tale. The reason we love her? Her books are smart, thoughtful, darkly funny and totally relevant, so we're definitely putting Stone Mattress, her new collection of stories, on our end-of-summer reading list. Plus, they're short stories, so they're perfect for those boring in-between moments (bus stop, waiting for a table at a restaurant, on the potty …).
When: The book was released on Tuesday.
Details: $16.41. Apparently auteur Darren Aronofsky, of films Requiem For a Dream, Pi and Black Swan fame (we're pretending Noah never happened, right?), is making a drama series baesed on Atwood's previous trilogy, which includes the novel Oryx and the Crake. We're already clearing our schedule for that.


The Click List
What: We lurve Instagram. We lurve shopping. Now, Anthropologie has made the dangerous (and genius!) move to combine the two: Introducing Anthropologie's Like2Buy page, where you'll find all the photos from the brand's Instagram page with a shop-right-now link to all the products in the photos. Those adorable boots in that one lookbook photo you saw on your feed? Bought. The must-have sweater? Done. Your checking account is in serious trouble.
Where: Visit the Anthropologie shopping page here.
Details: Target and Nordstrom already use the Like2Buy service. Internet, you just keep getting better.


Run For It
What: You'd watch anything with Beyoncé and Jay Z in it. Movie, TV show, ad for car insurance. Something about these two being hot, talented and justsofreakingFIERCE totally catches our attention. Which is why you loved the idea of them touring together for their On the Road concert series. Even if you couldn't make it off the Island to see them perform IRL, you can catch their concert special on HBO this weekend for all the Jay and Bey you could ever ask for. If you're lucky, maybe little Blue will make an appearance.
When: Saturday, Sept. 20 at 8:30 p.m.
Where: HBO Zone
Details: Visit the HBO On the Run concert special page for more information.


Who: Bikini Bird
Deal: 30 percent off all clothing
When: Through Sept. 19

Who: KaiKini Bikinis
Deal: 30 percent off Bright White collection with code RULEBREAKER

Who: Hawaiian Island Creations, Ala Moana Center
Deal: Buy one, get one 50 percent off all Rip Curl and men's Ezekiel clothing
When: Through Oct. 5

Who: Abercrombie and Fitch, Pearlridge Center
Deal: 40 percent off clearance items

Who: J.Crew, Ala Moana Center
Deal: 25 percent off full-price styles and 30 percent off final sale items with code SHOPFORFALL
When: Through Sept. 24

Who: Aldo
Deal: $20 off select boots