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2017 Top Doctors

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2015 Hawai‘i Top Doctors

Our annual doctor listing is popular with readers looking for a good resource for those all-important medical decisions.

Top Doctors Celebration 2015

Hawai‘i doctors listed in the 2015 Top Doctors were invited to a special event at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Sept. 10 to celebrate their honor.

Grime Stoppers

Exposure to germs helps to strengthen kids' immune systems. But is there a limit to dirtiness?   This past summer, Lilinoe Tui, age 2, visited her family's farm, where she touched animals and played in the dirt with her cousins.…

Nonstop Movies: ‘Prometheus’

“Why are we here?”It’s an age old philosophical question that man has been asking for centuries. Scientists believe we’ve evolved over thousands of years from single-celled organisms to the creatures we are today. People of faith believe that a powerful…

Best Doctors in Hawaii 2012

Our annual “Best Doctors” list is researched by Best Doctors in America®, which surveys physicians nationwide. We share the Hawaii doctors with our readers.

Hawai’i’s Best Doctors

Every two years, Best Doctors Inc. conducts an in-depth survey among top physicians nationwide. Which doctors would they pick for themselves or their loved ones? Here, we share the Hawai’I results of the 2005-2006 survey.

Jerald M. Garcia, M.D.

After having helped thousands of patients regain their lives back with his cutting-edge and empathetic approach towards treating chronic pain, Dr. Jerald Garcia once again finds himself among Hawaii’s ‘Top Doctors’ for Pain Medicine.