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...on dining with kids, Mainland pigs and using the magazine as a resource. Plus, a pizza giveaway!

2008 Sour Poi Awards

Celebrating the best of the worst of 2008—the strange, the stupid and the scandalous.

UH at 100

What’s next for Hawaii’s university?

Our Disappearing Nurses

A nursing shortage looms on the horizon, not just nationally, but also here in Hawaii. Can the problem be fixed before it's too late?

Rescue Your Stuff

We’ve scoured Honolulu for the quickest, easiest and most reliable repair ideas.

Last Chance Moms

In recent years, Friday pau hanas for my group of 40-something friends have somehow morphed into Friday playdates for our toddlers. Discussions about careers and dream vacations have given way to talk about birthday parties, the best baby gear and childcare. Even the playful competitive one-upmanship among the dads no longer involves football or golf scores, but rather baby milestones.

Letters 6/07

“Scrap Yard: Does God Exist?” 05/07 Two University of Hawai‘i professors, Victor Stenger and Charles Hayes, squared off about God and science. How can you run an article on such a lofty subject—with two opposing viewpoints—in barely a page? It…

Night Shift

When the sun goes down, a completely different Honolulu comes to life. For most of us, it’s a time to watch television and then go to sleep, but, for some, it’s time for work. Meet the people who are up all night—making nightlife fun, keeping us safe, and making sure the city is ready to go when we wake up in the morning.


An excerpt from former Gov. Ben Cayetano’s upcoming autobiography, Ben, A Memoir, from Street Kid to Governor.

Tough Jobs [Somebody's Got To Do It]

The first challenge in compiling a list of tough jobs is defining what makes a job tough—and that, it turns out, is highly subjective.

Ready for Prime Time?

For 100 years, Filipinos have been a major part of Hawai‘i. Is it time for their cuisine to go mainstream?

Saving St. Francis

When a deal to sell their hospital fell through, a band of physicians got together to buy it themselves. Will they be able to turn things around?

Bird Flu and You

Is Hawai’i ready for a pandemic such as bird flu? That depends on you.

Above and Beyond

Hawai’i Canines for Independence raises puppies to do a lot more than fetch. Service dogs are helping local residents gain back their independence.

A Mid-Century Time Capsule

A recently discovered treasure trove of vivid Kodachrome slides takes us back to the futuristic ‘50s, when modernist architecture was all the rage in Hawai’i.

Don't Ask, Do Tell

Ten questions your doctor isn't asking you-and why the answers can help you get healthier.

Giving Voice

John Keola Lake has shaped an entire generation of Native Hawaiians. In doing so, he is ensuring that the ways of his kupuna live on.

Hitting Home

A Honolulu doctor’s crusade to end domestic violence.