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The Things They Carried

Take a revealing look into the handbags—and lives—of strangers. What’s in your bag?

Music Review

The Girlas, Now or Never, Kototama Productions

Hilo Rising

In 1999, this magazine visited Hilo and found a community in trouble. Now, art dealers hold more sway than drug dealers, and Hilo is building a future to rival its storied past.

Kailua Sunrise

Forget the sun umbrellas and coolers--the best time of the day to enjoy the beach, this Kailua-based writer suggests, is before dawn.

Home Free

Sometimes home is all over the map.

Iraq: Was Bush Right?

A University of Hawai'i political science professor explains why he thinks Iraq is the right war, at the right time.

Hana Hou!

How did the first Hawaiian music Grammy change the local music industry? Look no further than this year's nominations.

Culture Crash

To really appreciate Hawai'i drivers, try navigating the streets of Paris.

Clipping Service

In a Sept. 18 article entitled "Honolulu Gets Hip," Cary Darling of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in Texas notes that "H-town" is becoming notable for more than just its beaches. "I love this city!" Those four simple words wouldn't raise…


Madge Tennent (1889-1972) In the March 1955 Paradise of the Pacific, predecessor to HONOLULU Magazine, John Dominis Holt wrote, "The spirit of endemic Hawai'i lives in the work of Madge Tennent. She has reached depths in capturing this spirit not…


Letters to the Editor

The Hip-Pocket City

Living on the Big Island, I've learned to love Honolulu even more.

The 25 Most Expensive Homes On O‘ahu

This summer, the median price of an O‘ahu home topped $610,000. You’d practically have to be a millionaire just to buy in, say, Mililani Mauka. But if you think those prices are crazy, just wait until you see…

Can Hawaiians Save the Public Schools?

When Native Hawaiians got fed up with the state’s failure to educate their children, they took public education into their own hands. Now Kamehameha Schools has come to their aid.

The King of Cocktails

America invented the cocktail, then lost the art. Great cocktails are back-even in Honolulu.

Can We Make Honolulu Cool?

The city and county of Honolulu wants to change the way the city looks. Is “smart growth” the way to go?